We ask for feedback from our retreat participants. Here are some quotes from the wonderful people who attended our 2017 and 2019 Footsteps Retreats in Assisi.


....The spaciousness of Sylvia’s talks and how she effortlessly tied together the common thoughts of St. Francis and Buddhism.

….I was surprised and happy to witness practitioners from various traditions coalesce beautifully into our “pop-up sangha.”


…The dedication of Sylvia’s staff—ever watchful for the well-being of the group.


Loved the structure of the day: a.m. meditation and teaching that set up the day’s excursion.  Opportunity for contemplation during visits to sites.


The teaching program has been excellent; pointed, informative, and with great personal generosity and knowledge …


Sylvia’s teachings, and the particular viewpoint from which she speaks, gave me fresh openings into my practice….I felt that the sangha that was created among the participants and the “staff” gave another dimension of openness and opportunities to learn.