Enrolling for the In The Footsteps of the Bodhisattvas retreat in Assisi, Italy, involves two steps: 1. Registering at Assisi Garden, the former convent/hotel location of the retreat. 2. Enrolling in the retreat program.


To discuss enrollment, please email Sylvia Bercovici at sylviabercovici@gmail.com, or call 310-710-6868; or continue reading for details.


1. Registering at Assisi Garden hotel.

The Assisi Garden hotel has received wonderful reviews. We recommend that you visit their website: www.assisigarden.it/en/. The total you will pay includes your room, continental breakfast plus six lunches. (You have the option of an American breakfast for a slight extra charge and by letting them know the day before.)

Rooms include a bathroom.  The rates are as follows:

Single rate: 61 Euros per night for seven nights plus six lunches @ E16, total E523.

Twin rate (sharing a room with two single beds): 46 Euros per night each for seven nights plus

six lunches @ E16, total E418 each.


Double: for couples (sharing room with double bed) 46 Euros per night each for seven nights plus six lunches @ E16, total E418 each.



Rates include a 1 Euro per night tax that the hotel must pay to the local tourist board.

Register by emailing Assisi Garden info@assisigarden.it  ATT: Alessio Baldassarri. Give them your name and specify that you are with Sylvia Bercovici’s Footsteps Retreats program. They will respond and ask for your credit card number and expiration date. Make sure to specify your length of stay. Some people want to stay a night or two in addition to the 7 nights included in the retreat.



2. Enrolling in the Footsteps Retreat program.


The program fee of $1,500 includes dinners on the day of arrival, June 23, and the night before departure, June 29. The fee includes tuition, all materials, and excursions to the nearby city of Assisi and other pilgrimage sites.


There is a non-refundable program deposit of $300, due to Footsteps Retreats by December 1, 2018. The remaining payment of $1,200 is due by March 1, 2019 plus confirmation that you have made your room booking with Assisi Garden.


Please make all checks out to Footsteps Retreats and mail to 2934 1/2 Beverly Glen Circle, #395, Los Angeles, CA 90077.


To discuss enrollment, please email Sylvia Bercovici: sylviabercovici@gmail.com.
Or call 310-710-6868.

Recommended Readings

  1.  Francis of Assisi and His World, by Mark Galli.

  2.  No Time to Lose, Pema Chödrön's commentary on The Way of the Bodhisattva, by Shantideva.  Her book contains the entire text of Shantideva's work. The chapter of particular interest is the one on Commitment.

  3.  St. Francis of Assisi, Bodhisattva, a paper by Sylvia Bercovici that will be sent via PDF to those who enroll in the course.